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Review of Visualization in the Social Sciences: Main Report

Weblinks and Gateways

Generally, websites pertaining to visualization in the social sciences include websites advertising conferences (such as the Open University Conference on Visualising Multivaraite Data), individual researchers home pages, websites relating to specific projects such as the ACOCG project and The Cartographic Project, and individuals and companies developing visualization tools and technologies.

Usually a good starting point is the Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) [71]. SOSIG is an online catalogue of thousands of Internet resources relevant to social science education and research. Every resource has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist. In terms of visualization links though, very little are currently stored in SOSIG. Below is a list of websites that may act as gateways to social science visualization sites.

A List of Potential Web Gateways The Geometry Center for the computation and visualization of geometric structures International Cartographic Association Commission on Visualization Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research Department of Survey and mapping at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and can be used as a starting point to find various sites related to GIS and Cartography Manchester Visualization Centre The MVC performs both service provision and R&D in high-performance interactive computer graphics, multimedia, image processing and visualization on the computers of the University of Manchester and UMIST (about 6,500 machines). Notes and study material for GIS and the Geographers Craft Graphic, Visualization and Usability Centers 8th Web User Survey Visualization & HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) Resources Visualization Showcase VisLab Facilities. Science and engineering links 52 Humanities & Social Science Resources on the Interest Social Science Web virtual Library - meta-sites The scout report for the social sciences. Biweekly issue offers a selective collection of internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study General visualization links - mainly science, but includes software sites. Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) is a state of the art research facility for computer graphics and interactive technology. As a research centre and educational establishment EVL works to further the development of graphics hardware, software and display devices. Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Activity Digital data dump (US) GIS Mater Bibliography Project. A Comprehensive bibliography of GIS related research and literature A database form which a comprehensive picture of the current state of development in GIS can be established Definitions, History and Goals of Visualization Michael Friendly's Home Page
Good one for mathematical / statistical visualization
Statistical Graphs - software, tutorials, examples
Data Visualization discussion group
Data visualization weblinks Visualization and Graphics research. ICASE's visualization research program focuses on advancing the start of the art as it applies to complex three-dimensional problems encountered in engineering and the sciences. Bibliography of publications and reports. ESRI Web jump station The Cartographic Project has complied an inventory of websites that deal with geographic visualization Society of Cartographers Web site

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