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Stanford Graphics - A Training Workbook

Mary Thorp and Steve Morgan, Computing Services,

University of Liverpool.

Stanford Graphics is a Windows based Presentation package for creating 2D and 3D graphs and charts and for analysing datasets. It has many excellent facilities for creating technical graphs, that is, those required by scientists and engineers.

The workbook we offer contains a number of examples which are designed to show some of the facilities available for creating graphs and presentations and to help with menu navigation and use of toolbars.

The workbook has been updated (5th July 1996) to include a new example to show how to create more than one y axis on a graph.
The workbook has been developed for lecturers to use as a basis for training classes and for self-study.

The development of the workbook has been funded partly by JISC/AGOCG. It is being made available to UK HE and Research establishments free of charge.

Use of the materials by organisations and individuals outside the UK HE and Research sector or for any non-academic purpose without permission is prohibited. Permission for such use may be obtained by application to the authors. The copyright of the materials remains with the authors at the University of Liverpool.

Please note the following strict condition of use.

Before downloading the materials you MUST provide your full email address using the email form.

On this form, please just fill in the From: field and then type a short message for the mail. There is no need to overtype the To: or Subject: fields.

You can download the Stanford Graphics Training Materials as a PDF File or via FTP as:

The materials consist of:

The authors would be grateful for any comments on the workbook.

We did a downloadable evaluation of Stanford Graphics in mid 1995; this is available in compressed Postscript format. A Web version of this table has been made available by Jacquie Kitson at UMIST.
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