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Appendix 2: Workshop Programme

29th May


18.45 Welcome Drink in the Seminar Room (see board for details)

19.00 Introduction to the Workshop Ken Brodlie & Anne Mumford


20.00 Dinner



30th May


9.00 WWW Technology in Courses in Computer Graphics & Scientific Visualization Scott Owen

9.45 Resources for Computer Graphics Courses Steve Maddock


10.30 Coffee


11.00 Dissemination of Resources Roger Rist

11.40 Using Multimedia Resources in Teaching Terry Hewitt

12.05 Working Towards a Shared Corpus of Material Phil Willis

12.30 Introduction to Groups


12.45 Lunch


14.00 Group Sessions


How should HyperGraph develop?


How can we work together and keep quality uniform?


Developing Highly Interactive Tools for teaching, assessment & support


15.30 Tea

16.00 Reporting Back and Discussion

17.15 Teaching Visualization Gitta Domik

17.45 Session Closes

19.30 Dinner


31st May


9.15 Teaching Visualization Ken Brodlie


9.45 Teaching Virtual Environments Nick Avis & Derek Willis


10.30 Coffee


11.00 Group Sessions


Developing pilots for teaching resources

Supporting the Teaching of Virtual Environments


12.30 Lunch


13.45 Report Back and Recommendations


15.15 Tea & Depart


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