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Scientific Visualization - Some Novel Approaches to Learning Ken Brodlie

Ken Brodlie reported on the work at the University of Leeds to utilise new technologies to help the user of visualization systems. Scientific visualization is becoming an important part of the curriculum in a number of disciplines. It is a very practical subject, but the commercially available visualization software systems are not easy to learn. Thus the work at the University of Leeds is concerned with exploring the use of novel technology to help in teaching students to use IRIS Explorer. The work includes online tutorials, shared sessions involving teacher and student over a network, and the use of WWW. This work, which has been stimulated by teaching applications, has also motivated research into the wider area of collaborative visualization.


This paper is written up as:


Brodlie, K.W., Wood, J. and Wright, H., "Scientific Visualization - Some Novel Approaches to Learning", Proceedings of the SIGCE/SIGCUE Conference on Integrating technology into Computer Science Education, Barcelona, 1996.


The online training materials for IRIS Explorer are being developed under an AGOCG grant and ported to the WWW.

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