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Discussion following the papers by Owen and Maddock

The WWW is now assumed to be of vast economic importance. We have an opportunity to leverage off this for education. Cable is offering a potential mass access with internet services to the home. This potentially helps part time and modular course students work flexibly.


Maths presents problems. PDF can display but this is not helpful where the objective is to allow anyone to take the materials and edit them.


We need to decide what format to use for video clips - AVI, Quicktime, MPEG are preferred on different platforms.


Scott recommended reading some fiction to see a vision of the world which is emerging:


Neuro Master by William Gibson (VRML 1.0)

Snowcrash by Neil Stephenson (VRML 2.0)


3D graphics will become a commodity.


Java is attractive as it is platform independent.


WWW technology does not have to be delivered on the internet.


Technology can help cut down the number of student contact hours but cannot replace them.

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