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Discussion Groups Day One

How Should HyperGraph Develop?

The issues raised in this group were:


What view do we want on resources?


lecturer raw materials?

self standing material

alternative perspectives on the raw materials


Hypergraph contains a lot of useful resources but is one person's perspective on those resources. It needs to be made more widely useful and flexible.


The recommendations of this group were:


we should set up an Editorial Board to oversee, review and annotate resources

mirror sites should be set up for SIGGRAPH Education and AGOCG sites in the UK and USA respectively

HyperGraph and HyperVis structure should be reviewed (action Maddock and Domik)

we should make use of the Knowledge Gallery as an opportunity to develop resources and to index and link them.

we should develop resources which should include a whole range of types of materials and links



How can we Work Together and Keep Quality Uniform?



There is a lack of experience of shared coursework development




We should conduct a small scale experiment which is Web-based, using a specific topic, to reveal a range of representative problems. This should include a full range of course materials, only some in depth.




Configuration support is a problem varied platforms, software support, hardware)




Extend the pilot project accordingly




Threading the elements together in various ways




Summarise the relevant needs from the pilot study. Investigate and evaluate existing tools.




Developing Highly Interactive Tools for Teaching, Assessment and Support



Personalised active textbooks existed 5 years ago but are little used. Why? Is this a platform issue? Surely the Web is now the infrastructure for this.


Use of proprietary code vs public domain code


Interactive animated algorithms are valuable. Java has unproven potential.


Layered access to animations of fundamental algorithms.


Assessment is an issue. Large classes mean that a pool of multiple choice questions on the WWW for self assessment needs to be addressed tools such as QMWeb may be useful.




develop an active textbook for computer graphics, multimedia, visualization, virtual environments that allows separate development, which uses WWW, VRML etc and which includes self assessment

investigate QMWeb (and others) for assessment

undertake Java and VRML case studies to investigate potential power and limitations

 Discussions Following Group Reports

It was agreed that a pilot would be useful to examine all the required information and resources needed. User requirements need to be examined and the pilot would help evaluate benefits.


A redesign of HyperGraph and HyperVis would be useful.


We need to look at the literature relating to the benefits of CBL.


Hyper-G may prove to be better for resource provision as links are updated.


Much of what we are talking at is making collaboration effective and to enable the resulting whole to be better than any individual could produce.

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