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Supporting the Teaching of Computer Graphics, Visualization, Multimedia and Virtual Environments


Workshop Report


29-31 May 1996





Executive Summary and Recommendations

Introduction Ken Brodlie & Anne Mumford

WWW Technology in Courses in Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization G. Scott Owen

Resources for Computer Graphics Courses Steve Maddock

Discussion following papers by Owen and Maddock

Dissemination of Resources Roger Rist

Using Multimedia in Teaching Terry Hewitt

Working Towards a Shared Corpus of Material Phil Willis

Education for Visualization Gitta Domik

Scientific Visualization - Some Novel Approaches to Learning
Ken Brodlie

Teaching Virtual Environments Nick Avis and Derek Wills

Discussion Groups Day One

Discussion Groups Day Two

Appendix 1: Workshop Call

Appendix 2: Workshop Programme

Appendix 3: Workshop Participants

The Advisory Group On Computer Graphics is an initiative of the Joint Information Systems Committee of the HEFCs and the Research Councils.

For more information contact:

Dr Anne Mumford,
Computing Services,
Loughborough University,
LE11 3TU,



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