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Introduction to the Group Discussions

A third of the time at the workshop was spent in group discussions with each group addressing one of four broad areas within which groups were asked to focus on particular issues.


The groups discussions were designed to address the issues which people had been asked to raise when applying for the event. The groups then reported back on the major issues addressed and made recommendations.


The areas of discussion and issues raised prior to the event by participants were:


Providing Teaching Facilities


what equipment do people need advice on?

the need for evaluations

standards - getting things to interwork



Lecture Rooms

what is the minimum level of equipment in a lecture room


portable equipment

provision for large/small rooms

provision for conferences and prestige events

adapting unsuitable lecture rooms

the technology for students with disabilities


Video conferencing

selection of equipment

suitability for particular needs

design of rooms

to partner institutions


Strategy and Management Issues

Managing the service

planning for next "n" years


problems of cross-department support

timetabling to let people who want access to facilities to get them

problem reporting/reaction

centralised vs devolved provision/support

developing strategies



persuading management of the need

persuading people to use it so it does not become a white elephant


how to phases

measuring cost benefit


Staff Development

technical staff

teaching staff

conference office

cultural change

persuading people to embrace the technology

getting the expectations right


Supporting and encouraging lecturers

ensuring the technology improves things

offering support across departments

making it easy to use

promoting self sufficiency

presentations away from home

training people to provide multimedia materials

general staff development issues (lecturers, technicians, graphics etc)


Supporting Flexible Learning

delivering multimedia materials to the classroom

using online demonstrations in the classroom

using the WWW for accessing resources in the classroom

connecting to remote sites and guaranteeing delivery

learning resource centres

demands for students to have range of resources

CD ROMs access/security

copyright protection

student self study facilities

plug in sockets round campus

wiring halls

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