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General Discussions

The following areas of recommendation emerged from the workshop:



raise the status of visualization in the social sciences

start a change in culture towards accepting new tools

WWW has potential in decision making and data collection

provide national/local support

ensure people are aware of the special nature of social science data


evaluate the graphics and visualization techniques available in commonly used statistics packages

report on current worldwide activity

review of techniques available and suitable

conduct a WWW search of what is around (SOSIG?)

Training and Awareness

show social scientists the potential benefits of using visual tools

run WWW, Java, VRML training

get image resources onto the WWW

provide glossary, acronyms user updated

ensure there is high awareness of resources and services available now (SOSIG, Data Archive, QUALIDATA, AHDS, Knowledge Gallery etc) and encourage funding bodies to take account of the needs of social scientists in their service development.


commission case studies of good practice

bring people together who are working in disparate strand of research, e.g. fuzzy data

run an event on the Role of the Visual in a number of areas of social science

hold a CTI Managers Workshop on visualization in the social sciences

create an online journal


develop techniques for the visualization of social science data, particularly temporal and spatio-temporal

develop suitable WWW based tools

develop add-ons for commonly used packages such as Excel



In discussion it was agreed that priority should be placed on the following:


an event on the "Role of the Visual" with parallel sessions on different areas of social science should be held

a WWW and paper resource should be developed to provide case studies and examples of the use of visual techniques in the social sciences

undertaking a review of current activity taking account of research and developments worldwide

running an event for CTI Managers

building WWW based resources


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