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Graphics, Visualization
and the
Social Sciences

8 & 9 May 1997

Burleigh Court
Loughborough University


Section 1

Executive Summary and Recommendations

Issues Discussed


Background to the Workshop — Anne Mumford

Graphics Visualization and the Social Sciences —David Unwin

Introduction to the Themes




Conclusions and Recommendations

Visualization of Statistics



Conclusions and Recommendations

Models and Simulations



Conclusions and Recommendations




Conclusions and Recommendations

General Discussions

Agenda for the Workshop


References, Contacts and Acronyms


Section 2 (only available in paper version)

Visualizing Spatial Development Through Agent-Based Simulations — M. Batty 1

Developing a Visualization Gateway to Census Data at MIDAS — J. Carter 5

Using (Geo)Graphical Environment on the World Wide Web to Improve Public 11
Participation in Social Science Research — S. Carver

Design Visualisation and Communication: The Application of Computer Aided 15
Design and Animation in Landscape Design Teaching — A. Clayden

Visualising Urban Environments for Planning and Design 19
M. Dodge, A. Smith and S. Doyle

Visualisation Software, Complex Datasets and the Social Sciences 25
B. Francis and J. Pritchard

coMentor. A Collaborative WWW-Based Virtual Environment to Support 31
Social Science Students — G. Gibbs, C. Skinner and A. Teal

Seeing Structures and Colouring Up Theories — B. Hillier 39

Hypermedia Representations of an Ethnography Opening Pandora's Box? 59
B. Holbrook, B. Dicks, A. Coffey and P. Atkinson

Supporting Flexible Manipulation and Presentation of Statistics — R. Inder 63

Visualisation of Fuzzy Boundaries of Geographic Objects 69
B. Jiang and M. Batty

Using Java to Animate an Exploratory Spatial Analysis Tool 75
J. Macgill and S. Openshaw

Virtual Reality and Case-Based Reasoning: An Application for Intelligent 79
Training — L. Oliveira and I. Watson

The Handling of Maps in a Visual Archive for the Social Sciences 83
I. D. H. Shepherd

Visualising Past Geographies: The use of Animated Cartograms to Represent 95
Long-Run Demographic Change in Britain — H. Southall and B. White

Graphics, Visualisation and the Social Sciences — D. J. Unwin 103

New Graphical Displays that use Colour — G. J. G. Upton 109

Simulations of Urban Growth with Models of Pollution Property Rights and 115
Subcentre Formation — C. J. Webster and F. Wu

The Visualisation of Geographical Data using SAGE 123
S. Wise, J. Ma and B. Haining

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