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Providing Multimedia Lecture Room Services


The Dearing Report states:
for the majority of students, over the next ten years the delivery of some course materials and much of the organisation and communication of course arrangements will be conducted by computer

As this change comes about, staff in higher education will be increasingly involved in the purchase, maintenance and use of multimedia presentation equipment. To address some of the issues that this involvement will raise, a workshop was held on 28th April 1997 to discuss 'Managing, Delivering and Supporting Lecture Room Services for the Multimedia Age'. The workshop was attended by 67 people from 49 institutions, and its recommendations form the basis of this document. They are divided into three sections:

  • Planning - funding, designing and equipping modern lecture rooms and theatres
  • Equipment - choosing and maintaining multimedia presentation equipment
  • Support and training- effectively supporting multimedia classrooms and those using them.

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