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Vector Formats

Alan Francis

In the ideal world there would be only one file format for each type of application and it would satisfy the following criteria: and However, the real world is not the ideal world so some compromises have to be made.

The Computer Graphics Metafile, CGM:1992 has good capabilities for image and vector graphics. It is an ISO standard and its use should be encouraged. There is a lot of software available on a variety of platforms which can generate/interpret CGM:1987 metafiles but some of it is of dubious quality. Software authors/vendors need to be encouraged to update their software to CGM:1992 and to submit it for conformance testing in order to improve the quality. TIFF is not one file format but a multiplicity of file formats. Although it is widely used the different flavours create problems for exchange.


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Information Processing Systems Computer Graphics Metafile for the storage and transfer of picture descriptive information', ISO/IEC 8632, Parts 1-4, 1992.

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