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Multimedia Presentations Workshop

Group Reports

The workshop split into three groups for discussions:

Although the groups covered different areas, much of the discussion inevitably overlapped. A common theme was the difference between OHPs and electronic methods of presentation, and the need to support the move from OHPs to computers. The table below shows some of the differences between OHPs, 35mm slides and electronic presentations that were highlighted during these discussions.

Feature OHP 35mm Slides Electronic Presentation
Production Pen method Word Processor Word Processor Presentation Package Presentation Package Presentation Package Ease of use and set up Very Easy Easy Easy if you are familiar with the software Resolution High Very high Limited by computer used to deliver presentation and data projector. 640x480 is relatively poor but most common. 1280x1024 very good quality, but rare and expensive Brightness Very bright Fairly dim. Generally dim, depends on data projector Note production Depends on method of production. Most presentation packages allow handout and speakers notes to be generated Appearance Look less professional. Professional. Easy Can look very professional. and legibility Hand written OHP often to read provided font size Easy to read provided font size illegible is large enough is large enough Interactivity Interactivity limited to Limited to back and forth. Degree of interactivity depends and jumping to another Slides cannot be altered on the package used. Most adaptability transparence Can be have forward and back buttons, with written on at the last the ability to include 'hidden' slides. minute, but this can look May support hyperlinking (e.g., WWW messy browsers) and be able to run other applications from the presentation Ease of Difficult to update the actual slides well. Do not update and want to produce multiple copies to distribute distribution Electronic copies can be easily updated and distributed. Presentation packages may allow slide show to be distributed as executable file or with a runtime viewer Portability Very high High Low. Presenters may need to bring their own hardware. Portability problems using onsite hardware. Multimedia pres. can be very large - require network or CD- ROM Cost consumables 0.50 + per colour 1.00+ per slide no consumables printed transparency hardware 150+ for OHP 500+ for slide projector multimedia PC 1500 data projector +OHP 3000+ or combined projection equipment 6000+

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