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Multimedia Presentations Workshop

Working Group 3 - Strategy

Chair: W T Hewitt


This group looked at general reasons why people do not use multimedia presentations (MMP) , and how to help make the most of MMP.


The discussion revealed a number of reasons why the take up of MMP was small: The group however identified a number of reasons for investing in MMP:

It was recognized that upgrading a typical lecture theatre could cost of the order of 30K-40K, and combined with the large cost of preparation of material it was important that these costs were recognized at an institutional level, and included in the institution's Teaching & Learning Strategy. In essence the group believed that Institutions need to treat MMP as a loss leader, and lead the community down this path.

Discussion about existing CBT/CAL materials revealed a number of problems: This led us to the Golden Rules of MMP Development:

The last rule suggesting that a repository of clips would be very useful. In this clips includes images, sounds, video clips, program fragments, working programs, scripts and data files.

With the move towards distance learning, CBT/CAL, and the increasing availability of material on the Internet, we concluded that there was still a role of the one to many lecture, though it will change to focus on charting a path for students through the plethora of material available from a wide variety of sources, including books, CDs, Internet,

We questioned the value of just putting "OHPs" on the network. For there to have any value to the student they must be augmented in some way.


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