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Visualisation in the Social Sciences Workshop

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Sarah Pink

The work consists of two CD Roms produced at the University of Derby. These were developed for use by researchers and as learning tools for students of qualitative research methods and they focus respectively on the use of photography and video in ethnographic research. The CD Roms contain written academic text, learing exercises and activities for students, video clips and photographs from original ethnographic research in Europe and Africa.

1. The research or teaching problem addressed

The two CD Roms address a problem that is common to both the representation and teaching of ethnographic work: in the linear presentation of a lecture or an ethographic text it is difficult to acknowledge both the visual domain of research and the multilinear aspects of carrying out research. Moreover it has been argued that students tend to learn in multilinear ways, rather than through the linear progression of knoweldge that is presented to them in the narrative of a lecture series.

2. How it helps solve this problem

Because of its multilinearity and its capacity to store a range of different visual, written and aural texts, the CD Rom helps to solve this prblem in the following ways. First, it allows students to engage with both written, oral and visual aspects of the research process (for example by using video clips, photographs, diary entries from the fieldwork as well as more formal academic texts and learning exercises). It allows students or researchers to do this in such a way that, through hypertext links, they may explore the research process by creating their own routes through the multistranded text, rather than having to follow the single linear narrative of the lecturer.

3) The two CD Roms were produced at the University of Derby using authorware software.

Sample screen snapshots from the CD

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Contact Details

Dr Sarah Pink
School of Education and Social Science
University of Derby
Work: 01332 622222 ex2099

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