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Visualisation in the Social Sciences Workshop

Show and Tell

Prior to the workshop participants were asked to submit and original graphic with some text explaining:
  • The research or teaching problem it addresses.
  • How it helps solve this problem, and
  • The tools used in its creation.
For the morning session the workshop was divided into three groups to allow participants to expand on their original text and graphic submissions and demonstrate their software.


Chair: Dave Unwin

A plenary discussion followed the 'Show and Tell' sessions to discuss the problems and solutions that had been highlighted by the previous session. Prof. Unwin started the session by listing some of the general issues in visualisation in the social sciences:
to what extent are visualisation devices capable of being used generally
Difficult domains
Most of the visualisation is not of 2 dimensional data, but includes time or space data, and mixed time and space data.
qualitative and categorical scales are often used to record social sciences data, and these are not handled well by standard visualisation software.
Highly multivariate data
there is a need to be able to display multiple dimensions simultaneously or provide methods to reduce the data.
Each of the groups then reported back on the problems and solutions that had come to light through the Show and Tell session.

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