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Visualisation in the Social Sciences Workshop

Towards a Research Agenda for Social Science Visualisation

TABLE 1: Twelve issues identified at Stage 4 (Groups of eight)

A: Naming and shaming: research into user experiences and appropriations of visualisations and visualisation tools
A: Different shape graphs: visualisation of multivariate, multimodal data
A: Take it from the top: involvement of visualisation techniques from problem formulation
A: Talk to each other: communication between disciplines and approaches
B: Assessing the effectiveness of visualisations
B: Development of methods for collaborative visualisation
B: Development of methods for visualising temporal change of spatial data
B: Developing of method for visualising large complex networks including virtual networks
C: Develop ways to assess appropriate necessary and effective visualisation
C: Visualizing networks of qualitative data
C: Evaluation of the role of VR in visualising spatial data in the social sciences
C: Visualisation of population socio-economic dynamics

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