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Exploiting and Protecting the Network

Peter Kemp

UCISA have developed guidelines for "Exploiting and Protecting the Network". They note that:
"The explosive expansion of the Internet will lead to radical changes in the way our students and staff gather and use information. The teaching world is showing great interest in the use of World Wide Web technology both as an authoring tool and as a facilitator of distance education. There are also new opportunities to disseminate research findings, independently of the traditional publishing process. The underlying ethos of the approach to Internet use will be to encourage widespread use of=the network for teaching, learning, scholarship and research. Students should be able to make their information available. Such free access, however, could lead to misuse of the international networks."

The UCISA Guidelines consider ways in which institutions can prevent abuse of the networks whilst empowering users to exploit networked information services to the full. The report makes a number of recommendations. These are:

  • Institutions should institute training programmes incorporating guidelines on responsible use for students and staff.
  • Institutions should consider their policy on the provision of networked information.
  • Institutions should reconsider their internal regulatory policy in order to ensure that it is adequate in the current environment.
  • Institutions should formally review their computer and network security policy.
  • Institutions should ensure that all users are registered and that all usage is logged.
  • Institutions should review their attitude to the monitoring of network traffic and ensure that their IT staff have sufficient authority to carry out any necessary investigations of misuse.
  • Institutions should do their best to ensure they supply a NEWS feed from the Internet to their systems which is free of offensive material.
  • Institutions should ensure that they appoint a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) contact who has adequate internal powers to take actions recommended by CERT.
  • Institutions should ensure that their network operations provide adequate local support for CERT activities out-of-hours." Note that these are extracted from the draft guidelines and that readers should access the latest version from NISS under the UCISA pages.
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