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Legal issues of WWW & Electronic Publishing

Legal Issues Discussed on Mailbase

Andrew Charlesworth has now set up a Mailbase list for discussion of legal issues. Some details are given in the text below:

Description of List

A list for the discussion of UK and European issues in Intellectual Property law, with special reference to the impact of information technology and the Internet.

It is hoped that the list can address some of the problems facing those in HE, and elsewhere, with regard to use of materials in CAL and WWW page development It has been set up in response to the increasing number of requests I receive for information on IPR in those and other areas. It is not intended to use this list to discuss issues of US law for which the US list cni-copyright is the appropriate forum.

The list will be open subscription and unmoderated - although I reserve the right to moderate the list at a later date should I feel it necessary. Non-subscribers will not be able to contribute mail.

To subscribe to law-ipr:
Send the message

	subscribe law-ipr {your firstname}(your lastname}

To send a message to the list use the address:

If you have a query about the list use the address:

To unsubscribe:

Send the message



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