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VISINET and G7 Ministers' Meeting

VISINET is a European Commission TENIBC Project investigating Visualization and Virtual Representation across pan-European broadband networks. It was reported in detail in G&V Newsletter No 39.

VISINET was presented to the G7 Ministers' Meeting in Brussels 25-26 February. One of the themes of the Meeting was the Global Information Superhighway and the extent to which this can facilitate communication and business opportunities between Member States. VISINET was selected as it represents the state of the art in the area of collaborative design across pan European ATM networks.

The presentation was in association with Silicon Graphics, since all VISINET partners are using SGI equipment. SGI Inc (USA) were represented by Ed MacCracken (President), Bob Bishop (International President) and Tom Jermoluk (Vice President, Engineering). Also presented was the SGI link up with Time Warner and Ford Motor Company.

Further information on VISINET may be found on World Wide Web

Rae Earnshaw