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Report Series

Training Materials

Lingo Training materials

Technical Reports

Computer Aided Learning

SIMA 5 The Provision of CBL over Network Information Servers
SIMA 18 Isaac Rosenberg's 'Break of Day in the Trenches'
SIMA 21 Online Learning in Non-Scientific Disciplines - Two Case Studies
SIMA 23A Critical Evaluation of Multimedia Toolbook
SIMA 25 The World Wide Web and its Contribution to Foreign Language Learning


SIMA 6 Running a World Wide Web Server
SIMA 16 Guide to good practices for WWW authors
SIMA 22 World-Wide Web Software Tools
SIMA 24 A Comprehensive Survey of the Legal Issues Relating to the Development and use of WWW Technology at Educational Sites
SIMA 25 The World Wide Web and its Contribution to Foreign Language Learning
SIMA 29 Authoring and design for the World Wide Web

Video Conferencing

AGOCG 25. Desktop Video Review. March 1994 Husat Research Institute, Loughborough .
SIMA 4 The Dos and Don'ts of Videoconferencing in Higher Education
SIMA 7 Dos and Don'ts of Video Conferencing - Experience from LIVE-NET
SIMA 8 Video Conferencing in Higher Education
SIMA 11 Video Conferencing in Education: Meeting Teachers and Learners Support and Training Needs
SIMA 13 Videoconferencing on Unix Workstations to Support Helpdesk/Advisory Activities
SIMA 14 A Study into Video Conferencing Using the Apple Macintosh Platform
SIMA 15 Survey of User Experience of the University of Wales Video Network
SIMA 20The Use of Videoconferencing in Higher Education
SIMA 30 Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education


AGOCG 23. The Exploitation of New Media for Text, Graphics, Images and Sound. November 1993 Rae Earnshaw and Alan Haigh [Abstract].
SIMA 2 Survey of the Uses of Software and Hardware for Multimedia Applications in UK Higher Education
SIMA 9 A Review of Multimedia Networking
SIMA 28 Digital Video for Multimedia: Considerations for Capture, Use and Delivery
Managing, Delivering and Supporting Lecture Room Services for the Multimedia Age - Case Studies 1998
Multimedia Standards

Workshop Reports

AGOCG 18. Computing Service and Audio Visual Services: Managing the Graphics Common Ground. Workshop report, November 1992 [Abstract].
AGOCG 19. From Graphics to Multimedia. Workshop report, November 1992 [Abstract].
AGOCG 24. Multimedia in Higher Education: Portability and Networking. Workshop report, December 1993 [Abstract].
AGOCG 28. Supporting the Teaching of Computer Graphics, Visualization, Multimedia and Virtual Environments August 1996 Workshop Report
Providing Multimedia Lecture Room Services April 1997
AGOCG 32. Managing, Delivering & Supporting Lecture Room Services for the Multimedia Age June 1997 Workshop Report
SIMA 1 Multimedia Formats Workshop Report
SIMA 12 The World Wide Web - A strategic Tool for UK Higher Education
AGOCG 29 Multimedia Presentations Workshop Report April 1996
Multimedia in the Computing Curriculum June 1996

Briefing Papers

Introduction to the WWW
Introduction to Video Conferencing
Introduction to DVD
Introduction to JAVA
Accessible Multimedia
Accessible Web Design
Hybrid WWW and CD-ROM Systems
A Guide to Presentations using PowerPoint
Choosing an LCD Projector
Multimedia on the WWW
Using Audio on the WWW
Graphics and Visualisation Newsletter

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