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Virtual Environments

Report Series

Training Materials

A Guide to VRML 2.0 and an evaluation of VRML modelling tools.Neil Ashdown and Simon Forestiero. 1998
Survey of 3D Rendering Systems. Julian Gallop, Chris Osland, Janet Haswell and Roger May. 1997

Technical Reports

AGOCG 27. Survey of Virtual Reality Activity in the UK December 1994 Toby Howard et al.
SIMA. 1995 Survey of Virtual Reality Activity in the UK Toby Howard et al.
AGOCG 38. A Survey of Virtual Reality Research in the UK - 1997 by L.J. Stapleton and P.J. Costello.
AGOCG 36. 3D Model Databases: the availability of 3D models on the WWW June 1997 Patrick Costello and Simon Bee
AGOCG 37. Health and Safety Issues Associated with VR: a review of current literature July 1997 Patrick Costello
SIMA 17 VRML in Art and Design Higher Education
SIMA 26 Exploiting Virtual Reality Techniques in Education and Training: Technological Issues
SIMA 27 The DESIGN of Virtual Environments - with particular reference to VRML

Workshop Reports

SIMA 19 The Potential of VR for UK Higher Education
Advanced Visualisation and Virtual Reality in the Social Sciences.

Briefing Papers

Introduction to VRML
Graphics and Visualisation Newsletter

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