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3D Model Databases: The Availability of 3D Models on the World Wide Web.


P.J. Costello and S.T. Bee**

Advanced VR Research Centre
Dept. of Human Sciences
Loughborough University of Technology
LE11 3TU


June 16th, 1997


Virtual Reality (VR) worlds or ‘virtual environments (VE’s)’ that may be experienced must first be created using appropriate software. As in the real world, virtual environments are composed of a number of different entities or models which can be based on real or abstract concepts. Each individual model may be created by the user or imported from his/her own library or from a library provided by a third party. In this report, the initial concepts associated with object modelling will be discussed before being considered along with the requirements for the VR community. Issues that must be considered when importing a model are discussed and these include conversion between various 3D modelling standards and resolution of models in the VE. A number of sources of models on the World Wide Web are investigated and future standardisation and development trends are discussed along with the need for an AGOCG model database.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of report
1.2 Scope of report

2. Current Object Databases

2.1 Some Popular Current Formats (including CAD)
2.2 Composition/Structure
2.3 Geometry
2.4 Level of detail
2.5 Accuracy

3. Requirements for the VR community

3.1 Solid Modelling
3.2 Behaviour models

4. Issues

4.1 Conversion between standards
4.2 Resolution
4.3 Real Time performance issues
4.4 Intellectual Property Rights with respect to model ownership

5. Sources of model databases

5.1 Sources on the WWW

6. Future Trends

6.1 Standardisation Trends
6.2 Development tools
6.3 The need for an AGOCG database

7. Acknowledgement

8. References

9. Appendix

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