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13 Million Grant for "Imaging Frontiers"

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford

On 13 March in Bradford the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television announced receipt of a 13 Million Award. This funding has been made available by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Foundation for Sports and the Arts, the European Regional Development Fund, and a number of sponsors from the private sector. The announcement was made by Amanda Nevill, Head of the Museum, to an audience which included Sir Neil Cossons, Head of the Science Museum, Anthea Case, Director of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, Jeremey Walker, European Regional Development Fund, and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford.

The funds will be used to implement a major building and exhibit expansion to take the Museum into the next century. The Project is called:

"Imaging Frontiers"

It will demonstrate how the communications world has been revolutionized by microchip and CD technology. At the heart of this building expansion will be major new galleries devoted to exploring the media dimension of electronic digital imaging.

"Multimedia and Electronic imaging are rapidly blurring the distinctions between traditional media, computers and communications. They will become as accepted and easy to use as the original Kodak Box Brownie Camera", said Amanda Nevill. Anthea Case said: "The Heritage Lottery Fund is delighted to play a part in creating "Imaging Frontiers". The development is extending the frontiers for museums".

Work is expected to start on the project later this year. The new concourse will link the existing Museum and the Pictureville Cinema. The new look museum should be unveiled in 1998 - the European Year of Photography and Electronic Imaging - which is being hosted by the Yorkshire and Humberside Region as part of the nationwide Arts 2000 Project.

The Electronic Imaging and Media Communications (EIMC) Department in the University of Bradford has already been in discussion with the Museum on collaborative projects in the areas covered by this expansion and we look forward to the exciting months ahead! We have already initiated one major Project - on the National Computer Animation Archive - in conjunction with Bill Boffin, a member of the EIMC's Industrial Advisory Board. Further information about this Archive will appear in the next issue of this Newsletter.

Pictureville will be the venue for the International Conference on "3D and Multimedia on Internet, WWW and Networks", 17-18 April 1996 and we are looking forward to welcoming our national and international visitors on this occasion.

We express our congratulations to Amanda Nevill and her staff for their great success in this achievement!

Rae Earnshaw