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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

Funding News

AGOCG have funding from The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) for their activities for the year starting 1 August 1996. We have also received a grant from the JISC Technology Applications Programme (JTAP) to run some supporting studies for that Programme. The two main themes we will be taking up are first, virtual environments (see the June 1996 Graphics & Visualisation Newsletter for the sort of projects we hope to commission) and second, the issues relating to convergence of computing and audio visual services. We will be looking to commission case studies of good practice for the second theme and to evaluate systems for different types of lecture room set up. Any views on this would be welcome.

Explorer Training Materials

We have commissioned the School of Computer Studies at the University of Leeds to convert their on-line training materials for Explorer for use across the World Wide Web.

Supporting the Teachers

At a recent workshop we considered the resource needs of the teachers of computer graphics, multimedia, visualization and virtual environments. A report giving the main issues and recommendations is given in this issue.

Knowledge Gallery

The "Knowledge Gallery" was launched on 2 May 1996 as a joint initiative between Higher Education (HE) and the private sector.

It is concerned with access to collections of distributed images and the initiative is timely given the recent JISC report on this topic.

I have been asked by the Higher Education Funding Councils (HEFCs)/JISC to push forward this activity for HE pending the appointment of someone full time. I will be part of a task force to lead this in the initial stages.

In order to play this role I need briefing on collections available in the community and elsewhere, collections we might purchase, information on indexing and metadata relating to images and any other relevant information. We are also likely to consider digitising collections which are not currently available in digital form.

I want to see "image" defined in a very broad sense and relating to collections of raster images, vector images, movies, 3D models.

So, please send me any relevant references, URLs, reports etc.

Graphics Supporters Event

This year's event is to be on the topic of visualization and to assist those supporting computer graphics and visualization to understand the systems around. Most likely dates at the time of writing are 17 and 18 September 1996 at the University of Manchester. Full details will be sent out on e-mail.

Anne Mumford