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Easter School '97

Colour Management for Information Systems
10 - 13 March 1997


The growth of computer-controlled colour input and output devices (including colour monitors, scanners, cameras and printers) has been both rapid and prolific. The computer systems incorporated with these devices are utilised in almost every branch of industry and commerce. However, there is a severe problem in using these systems: poor colour fidelity across different imaging devices. The way to overcome this problem is to describe colour in a 'device independent' way and to process images via a model of colour vision which is capable of predicting colour appearance under different viewing conditions. Recently, much research and development work has been devoted to these fields in order to achieve the aim of 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG). We can expect that WYSIWYG colour technology will be a standard feature of all future electronic imaging information systems.

This four-day short course will provide a comprehensive examination of advances in the theory and application of colorimetry and of various device technologies. Each delegate will also learn different approaches to characterising imaging devices and methods agreed as part of the international standards activities. Various human factors concerning the effective use of colours on displays will also be introduced. Finally, state-of-the-art WYSIWYG hardware and software will be discussed, including their principles, limitations and future directions.

Further information from:
Professor Ronnier Luo
Tel: +44 (0)1332-622222 ext. 4041
Fax: +44 (0)1332-622218

EUROGRAPHICS UK Conference 1997

24 - 26 March 1997
University of East Anglia, UK

Papers describing complete work, work in progress or commercial applications are invited. Papers which address the conference themes are particularly welcome. This year's themes are:

The conference will be held at The University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich which is situated three miles west of the city centre. UEA is one of the purpose-built Universities founded in the 1960s and is based on the idea of interdisciplinary Schools of study. Computer Graphics and its applications have been a theme of research in the School of Information Systems for over 20 years, with the themes of this conference reflecting some of the current interests.

Conference chair
Professor David Arnold
(EG UK 97)
School of Information Systems
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK
Tel: 01603 592692
Fax: 01603 593344


Fractals in the Natural and Applied Sciences
4th International Working Conference
8 - 11 April 1997
Denver, Colorado, USA

The latest information is available on:

Miroslav M Novak
School of Physics
Kingston University
Surrey KT12EE, UK

Tel +44 181 547 2000
Fax +44 181 547 7562 or
+44 181 547 7562 7419

From Desk-Top to Web-Top: Virtual Environments on the Internet, WWW and Networks

BCS International Conference
14 - 17 April 1997
Pictureville, National Museum of
Photography, Film and Television
Bradford, UK

Sponsored by:
British Computer Society

In Co-operation with:
Computer Graphics Society
Virtual Reality Society
Computing Suppliers Federation
Bradford Breakthrough Ltd
Electronic Imaging and Media Communications
University of Bradford, UK

Prof Rae A Earnshaw
University of Bradford, UK
Prof John A Vince
University of Bournemouth, UK
Mr Huw Jones
Middlesex University, UK
Mr Roy Middleton
University of Edinburgh, UK

Keynote Speaker:
Sir David Puttnam CBE,
Chairman of Enigma Productions Ltd, UK

Inauguration of the Conference
Professor David J Johns F.Eng
Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford, UK

Invited Speakers Include:

Dr Ed Catmull (President, PIXAR, USA)
Dr Larry J Rosenblum (Naval Research Lab, USA)
Dr David Zeltzer (MIT, USA)
Dr Mikael Jern (Vice-President, AVS/UNIRAS, Denmark)
Mr David Leevers (BICC, UK)
Mr Tom Evans (CITE, UK)

Pre-Conference Courses (14 - 15 April) on:

Conference Programme (16 - 17 April):

Automatic Generation of Virtual Worlds for Electronic Commerce Applications on the Internet, Dr K M Bauer (ZGDV, Germany)

A Case Study in the Use of VRML 2.0 for Marketing a Product
N D Burton, Prof A C Kilgour and Dr H Taylor (Heriot-Watt University, UK)

Bringing the MBone to Web Users
Dr Adrian F Clark (University of Essex, UK)

VRML: a Designer's View
Dr S B Davis (Middlesex University, UK) and H Athoussaki (BT Laboratories, UK)

A Virtual Environment for Collaborative Administration
Dr D England (University of Liverpool, UK), W Prinz (GMD Institute, Germany), K Simarian and O Stehl (Swedish Institute for Computer Science, Sweden)

Ulysse: an Interactive Spoken Dialogue Interface to Navigate in Virtual Worlds
C Godireaux, P-O El Guedj, F Revolta, and P Hughes (GREYC, France)

Handling of Dynamic 2D/3D Graphics in Narrowband Mobile Services
H Jung, C Belz, L M Santos, R Strack (ZGDV, Germany) and P Latva-Rasku (Nokia Research Center, Finland)

A Generic Functional Architecture for the Development of Multi-user 3D Environments
T Lin and K Smith (CSIRO, Australia)

Chaotic Ecologies for Virtual Environments
Andy McGrath (Virtual Environments Team Leader, BT Laboratories, UK)

Moving the Museum onto the Internet: The Use of Virtual Environments in Education about ancient Egypt
Dr W L Mitchell (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

Technical Issues with the use of Real World Data in Virtual Environments
G C Watson and R Middleton (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Collaborative Theatre Design Across Networks
Dr I J Palmer and C M Reeve (University of Bradford, UK)

Data Flow Languages for Immersive Virtual Environments
A Steed (University College, London, UK)

VRML Interfaces to Information Systems
Christine Clark and Dr Adrian F Clark (University of Essex, UK)

Useful Web pages:

Conference Organiser:

Electronic Imaging and Media Communications, University of Bradford

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

Further information, Brochures and Registrations:
Conference Secretariat
Electronic Imaging and Media Communications
University of Bradford
Bradford BD7 1DP

Tel: +44 (0)1274-385463
Fax: +44 (0)1274-383727


4 - 8 September 1997
Budapest, Hungary

Conference announcement and call for papers

These are the important dates:

30 April 1997
Advance Programme and Registration Information

30 June 1997
Early Registration

The conference organisation makes extensive use of the Internet: publicity, registration, proposals, paper submission (and the refereeing process), etc., will be done primarily through e-mail and the Web. It is important to put the following among your favourite addresses:

EG'97 Web home page

Local organiser's e-mail

The Web pages give regular updates of all necessary information related to the conference (conference topics, international programme committee, paper submission formats, final programme, travel and registration information, etc.). Visit us regularly to get up to date!

Ivan Herman and Gergely Krammer
Conference Co-Chairmen

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