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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

The production of training materials has been an activity of AGOCG from its early days. We have continued this tradition providing support staff, running courses and providing teachers of computer graphics with useful resources.

Colour in Computer Graphics

Lindsay MacDonald has extended his set of slides from the original 36 to 108 and put all the slides onto a PhotoCD. Details of ordering these are given in this issue of the newsletter.

3D Rendering Techniques

A series of visuals on this topic is being put together under the supervision of Alan Watt from the University of Sheffield. These will be available on CD ROM. The images will include single images, animation sequences, illustrative diagrams indicating how algorithms work. I hope this will be available in May.


The materials produced by Ian Phillips on the Lingo programming language within Macromedia Director are being upgraded for the new software version and it is intended to make the examples available for PC and Mac.

Software Evaluation

An evaluation of presentation software for the Apple Mac has just been concluded at the University of Edinburgh. The aim of this work was to address the software providing a suitable replacement for Cricket Graph. The work has been extended to cover PC products in the light of the announcement that Stanford Graphics is not to be developed further. I am working with CHEST to follow through the recommendations and to get proposals from suppliers. If anyone is currently conducting surveys of the market and needs this information prior to publication, please contact me.


I seem to be in many meetings and conversations these days where there is talk of the problem of organising on-line data in such a way that people can find information which they are looking for and/or is of interest to them. The word "metadata", meaning data about data, comes up and if this is true for you too and you would like a good overview then there are some useful articles held under the UKOLN Web pages, see:

Dempsey, L and Heery, R. Metadata: an overview of current resource description practice.

Heery, R. Review of Metadata Formats. Program Vol 30, Issue No 4, October 1996.

Miller, P. Metadata for the Masses, Ariadne, 5, 1996.

In fact, Ariadne is a useful source of articles relating to online information and worth checking out.

Anne Mumford