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Graphics Co-ordinators Report

Learning Rendering

Alan Watt from the University of Sheffield has led a project to produce a teaching resource consisting of a series of images and animations demonstrating the options available in mainstream rendering programs. The series is intended to support an undergraduate or postgraduate course in rendering techniques. Some details of the package is given inside this newsletter.

Colour in Computer Graphics

As reported in a previous newsletter, a set of 108 slides available as 35mm slides and Kodak CD format on the topic of Colour in Computer Graphics has been produced by Lindsay MacDonald. You can order the complete set or alternatively an update if you have the original set of 36 slides. To see thumbnails of the slides see

Lecture Room Services

JISC through AGOCG will be taking forward recommendations from the workshop reported in the last newsletter. We intend to commission a series of case studies of good practice. Evaluations of current presentation technologies and a forward look are being commissioned by JISC. If you would like to ensure you receive a call to bid for the case studies please let me know.

Graphics, Visualization and the Social Sciences

AGOCG with support from the ESRC will be taking forward recommendations from the workshop reported in the last newsletter. We will be commissioning a report on current activity, a review of packages, producing some case studies and plan to hold an event on "The Role of the Visual". If you would like to ensure you get details of the call for proposals please contact me.

Scientific Graphics Software

I hope that I will be able to release the reports of the evaluations of PC and Mac products by the time this newsletter hits your desk. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the report which will include both evaluations.

JISC Training and Awareness

JISC are looking to build on activities like AGOCG and the NetSkills programme to put in place a broader based training and awareness activity. This will hopefully take on board many of the good practices and experiences of AGOCG, such as quality investigations at the right time by the right people, engaging with the community through workshops and ensuring that workshop recommendations guide the subsequent activity. JISC ASSIST will take on this role in the near future and AGOCG is likely to tie in closely with that broad activity. The whole area of support of institutions is one which is likely to have been recognised (by the time this newsletter is printed) as being needed in the Dearing Report.

Anne Mumford