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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

Some New Reports

We have some recently published and new reports which can be obtained from me:

32: Managing, Delivering and Supporting Lecture Room Services for the Multimedia Age - a report of the workshop held in April
33: Graphics, Visualization and the Social Sciences - a report of the workshop in May
34: Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs and the Apple Mac by Malcolm Brown of the University of Edinburgh
35: A Review of PC and Mac Compatible Image Manipulation Software by Sue Gollifer (University of Brighton) and Brian Boullier (University of Bradford)

At the time of writing this article, CHEST are discussing pricing for DeltaGraph and for Origin with suppliers.

The two workshops which are discussed in the above reports are providing a major steer to the work of AGOCG.

Lingo Training Materials

The Lingo Training materials for the programming language of MacroMedia Director are available at Hensa: and can be accessed directly or through the AGOCG pages.


As reported in the previous Newsletter, JISC are putting in place a focal point for their activities known as JISC ASSIST (Activities, Services and Special Initiatives Support Team). I have been asked to head this and to bring to it the good practices of AGOCG. The Mission of JISC ASSIST is:

"To close the gap between the availability of Communications and Information Technology products and services and the Higher Education community's ability to deploy them."

and its objectives are:

AGOCG does have a fully funded programme for the next year and I will be ensuring that this does go ahead with the vigour and pace people have come to expect of the group while playing a broader based role within JISC.

Anne Mumford