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Desktop Video AGOCG Report


In comparison with the Macintosh, PCs have come to the DTV/multimedia arena only recently. The sudden upsurge in PC based DTV systems is due to the arrival of Microsoft Windows (mainly versions 3.0 and 3.1) and the concomitant explosion of improved resolution graphics cards and accelerators to support this GUI. Now many manufacturers have produced a dedicated Multimedia PC (MPC), while there is also an abundance of third party add-ons to upgrade existing machines. From the questionnaire reported in Section 5, a variety of PC hardware is being used in the field of desktop video including Viglen, OPUS, Elonex, Dell, Mertec, Compaq and DEC machines. It is not practical to go into detail about each particular piece of hardware since they are best regarded as IBM PC compatibles, but comments for each of them is incorporated into the survey report where appropriate.

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