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Desktop Video AGOCG Report

Software Configurations

There are many software packages suitable for DTV applications, with more being launched each month. Rather than attempt to review this expanding field in its entirety potentially the subject of another whole report attention in this section will focus on the low-level provision of integrated video and audio support, virtually at the operating system level.

The two major contenders in the field of low level DTV control are Apple's QuickTime and Microsoft's Video for Windows. QuickTime has been around for nearly two years and has evolved to version 1.6 on the Macintosh.

Apple have also produced a QuickTime Player for Windows which will allow Windows users to play back QuickTime movies created on either platform. In addition Apple have licensed QuickTime to some UNIX manufacturers in order to establish it as a true cross-platform standard. Video for Windows grew out of Microsoft's Multimedia Extensions made up of the Media Player and Sound Recorder, both of which have now been included with Windows 3.1.

Software used in videotelephony will be considered, including commercially available systems such as CLI's Cameo Personal Video System as well as an examination of the implications for future videotelephony displays inferred from the ISSUE project prototypes.

5.3.1 - Microsoft Video for Windows
5.3.2 - Apple QuickTime
5.3.3 - Comparison

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