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Desktop Video AGOCG Report

Further Applications

CD-ROM has brought about a revolution in information provision for computer users. Educational applications seem almost endless: databases for historical information, leisure applications (Microsoft's Musical Instruments), on line encyclopædias to name just three. Almost weekly, a new use is dreamt up for the storage and access capability of the CD-ROM. There is, however, greater potential for DTV outside of the confines of the CD.

Information superhighways open the way for a range of new services; long distance learning, home shopping and banking, video games, interactive television and advanced telephone services. The end user of these new services is sure to be a demanding one. Having grown used to high quality television pictures from around the world and advanced video games, the demand will require:

"the full range of electronic information technologies, with mergers forming between, telephone companies, cable operators, computer manufacturers, programmers, movie makers and television producers, as well as the network suppliers."

Van Cullens Siemens Stromberg-Carlson

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