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4.New Teaching Rooms
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Contractor Briefing

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An integrated approach to technology within Lecture Room Services

4 New Teaching Rooms.

4.1 Introduction

This section compares the approach taken in developing the specification for the latest teaching rooms, currently under construction, to include a high level of technological support capability. It should be noted that we take a far more specific approach to the contractors briefing leaving much less to his discretion. The examples included here may provide a skeleton that can be followed for other specification tasks.

This is as a result of our increased experience based on previous projects. We still do not completely specify the system in terms of exact equipment items to be provided. However, we are much more specific about both functionality and connectivity.

The following comprises a number of excerpts from a contractor briefing for three new areas in the Edinburgh Business School based at Heriot-Watt University. It is separated into sections and would also be accompanied by a detailed pricing schedule. We believe that briefing documentation laid out in this way will give us much greater control over the procurement process.

4.2 Revised Contractor Briefing (Edinburgh Business School)

Audio-Visual Equipment & Room Control System
Project Aim.
1. To equip the dedicated teaching pods and Senate Room in the new Business School building with a high quality audio-visual provision including data projection capabilities. The services in the rooms to be fully integrated and controlled by a room control system.

The Rooms.
1. The teaching pods comprise two custom designed teaching rooms, building on the well established success of the existing teaching room within the Heriot-Watt Business Executive Centre.

The rooms are flexible in nature being un-raked and suitable for a range of furnishing layouts, however, they will typically be used as high quality executive environments with the tables and seating laid out as a flattened horseshoe.

The floor is solid in construction but includes cable containment between the projection room and dais area accessible via floor units (three) at the front of the room. Three compartment bus bar trunking is installed around the perimeter with access to the projection room.

All room control electronics, amplification, distribution etc. should be housed in the projection rooms.

The rooms are pre-equipped with PA amplifiers and induction loop systems

2. The senate room is finished to a very high standard and is equipped with fixed tiered seating.

The room is equipped with a projection room. Cable containment is provided by means of trunking running round the periphery of the room at high level with conduit access to the room at both high level for loudspeakers and low level for other connections

All room control electronics, amplification, distribution etc. should be housed in the projection room

The room is pre-equipped with an induction loop system.

Room Control System Teaching Pods and Senate Room
3 x Room Control System Hardware (Touch screen processor, required interfaces)
The room control system will be capable of controlling all aspects of the presentation technology in the room. It will provide for control of the following.

  • All Room lighting (dimming)
  • Video switching as per video data sheet
  • Level control for all sound except voice reinforcement (pre-set)
  • 35 m/m projector control (Projection room and in room capability)
  • 35 m/m Telecine control
  • Video Projector control
  • VTR control
  • Motorised screen control (Senate Room only)
The system should be based on the AMX system to provide continuity with previously installed systems in the University. It should be capable of expansion, at a future date, to enable the provision of an integrated videoconferencing control capability.

The programming should be flexible and provide for a wide variety of modes of use. The supplier will be expected to work closely with the users in determining both the functionality and layout of system. Suppliers should be able to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the design of complex presentation systems. A full schematic of the program should be provided.

3 x Lighting Dimmers
Dimmer packs controlled by the room control hardware and by a button plate at the entry door

Video Replay and Projection - Teaching Pods and Senate Room
3 x Video Projector.
High Quality, High Brightness Video Projector. This should be capable of projection room mounting.

Projection throw 10.5 Metres (pods) 10 Metres (Senate Room)
Screen width approx. 3 Metres

The system should be capable of PAL and NTSC projection and of data projection at a resolution of at least 1024 x 768.Any compression or other processing required to achieve this resolution should be detailed. Expected output will be in the order of in excess of1200 ANSI Lumens.

3 x Video switch
A video matrix switch should be provided. It will have input capability to include the following.

  • Built in PC
  • Second PC (easily connected)
  • VHS Videotape Recorder
  • Visualiser
  • 35 m/m Telecine
  • 2 x Aux. Video
The matrix will be capable of providing 3 outputs separately switch-able - i.e. main projector, preview monitor and auxiliary output for recording etc.

3 x Visualiser
Should be of high quality and provide for both top and bottom lit material. (e.g. Elmo EV-550 AF)

3 x VHS Video Tape Recorder
Should be of high quality (4 head) and be capable of PAL and NTSC playback at both standard speed and long play.

3 x 15 " Preview monitor
Video/RGB Monitor for lectern mounting. (to be capable of 1024x768)

3 x 35 m/m Telecine
Telecine for the electronic projection of 35 m/m slides. Should be capable of pan/zoom under remote control.

Note: All switching and equipment control via Room Control system.

Audio System - Teaching Pods and Senate Room
The Audio System for each room will comprise three cabled microphones and a radio microphone. These will be controlled using a "SmartMixer". A range of other inputs from line level sources is also required and is detailed below.

Microphones -
6 x AKG CK97-C capsules complete with powering modules.
3 x AKG C747 microphone including mounting for lectern.
3 x Pocket radiomic system (UHF may be required e.g.Senheiser System 1083 -UHF)

Mic Stands
6 x 'dinky' table stands
3 x floor stand with boom

3x Audio Technica AT 351 'smartmixer'

1 x appropriate 100V line PA amp for voice reinforcement (Senate Room)
3 x appropriate "controllable" amplifier for projection sound

Loud speakers
8 x appropriate 100V Line speakers for voice reinforcement
6 x appropriate speakers for projection sound e.g. JBL control 5 Mounting Brackets for above

Auxiliary Sound equipment
The following line inputs should be available

  • PC Sound
  • PC-Aux. sound
  • VTR Sound
  • CD
  • Tape
  • Auxiliary
The Teaching Pods are already equipped with voice reinforcement amplifiers

The room control system must be capable of providing user control of the projection sound levels

The Senate room may require a four speaker voice reinforcement system due to the nature of its shape and seating arrangement

Auxiliary sound equipment comprises the distribution amplifiers, line amplifiers, power supplies etc. as required.

All audio should be available as a common feed for recording, feeding existing induction loop etc. (i.e. both voice reinforcement and projection sound mixed).

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