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Appendix 3: Visual Presentation Issues

When looking at the visual information presented via the video conference there are three aspects to consider:

The backdrop

The backdrop is important. Some people feel that a video conference can take part in any environment, with anything going on in the background. This depends on the nature of the communication as a busy background can have a distracting effect. A plain, uncluttered backdrop, probably in pale blue or grey has the least interfering effect. The backdrop may also be used to display your logo/identifier so that the remote site has a visual reminder of the Institution you represent.

The Presenter

The Information presented

Effective visual presentation can improve retention by up to 50%. Thus investment in producing good and appropriate visual aids can produce practical and measurable returns. With other things lacking (face to face, body language), visual material even more important. The proper audio-visual hardware and materials are key to informing and communicating with every conference participant. We have heard about active learning, we also need active presentations!

Using real materials (rather than line drawings) can stimulate interest. If possible use the real object rather than a representation of it. This means using the appropriate hardware, for instance the Micro-video system for biology or chemistry

The following information is vital for the presentation of visual materials. Visual materials should be attention getting, meaningful, memorable and activating. They should be created in such a way that they

This will probably mean An excellent book on preparing the visual side of a visual conference is “Effective Video Conferences”

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