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Evaluation of the Suitability of Distributed Interactive Videoconferencing for use in Higher Education

3 Results

3.1 Background information

The majority of participants were students at the local sites. Some participants, particularly at the Brussels main site were employees, engaged in the telecommunications or IT field.

A total of 50 participants completed the questionnaire for participants during the four days at Brussels (n=3), Madrid (n=22), Aveiro (n=13), and Berlin (n=12). In addition to this several informal interviews were made at the Brussels site with participants.

Number of days spent 
attending the Summer School	Number of respondents
      1	                               2
      2	                               4 
      3	                               7
      4	                              36

Table 1- Number of days respondents attended ABC '96

The majority of participants (72%) interviewed were present at the Summer School for the entire duration, (most of this population comprised students from Madrid, Aveiro and Berlin)

Most respondents (58%) had some form of experience of videoconferencing prior to attending ABC '96. Their experience ranged from having seen M-bone, but not personally used it, having taken ISDN videoconferencing courses and having used it regularly as a part of work, or having had it installed at home on a PC. Only two respondents had attended previous Summer Schools (one in 1994 and one for the two previous years).

Five speakers were interviewed after having made presentations at the Brussels site. Note that in the initial targeted 8 sessions, only 4 of these included speakers based at Brussels. A speaker from an additional session was also interviewed.

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