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5.1 Promotion of Video-conferencing

A very high proportion of users were keen to support further use across a variety of applications and would recommend an extension of use. A majority view was that videoconferencing should be promoted for economic reasons.
   Opinions                                      View      Proportion (%)
   Videoconferencing should be extended          Agree          65
   for course delivery
   There should be greater promotion of          Agree          85
   Promotion should be on economics grounds      Agree          87
   Promotion should be for value for money       Agree          81
   Promotion should be on the basis of           Agree          60

Table 12

User views on promotion of the service

5.2 Booking Arrangements

85% consider the booking arrangements work well and are adequate. 58% of users indicated that did not check the on- line booking system, possibly because there is a nominated contact who makes the bookings at each site, although 32% did check bookings on-line.

5.3 Expansion of the Network

Respondents were asked to indicate from a list of possible future video network links to Superjanet which connections they would use. The most popular future connections listed in order of importance are given below:-
  1. Cambridge
  2. Manchester
  3. Other Global Sites (not specified)
  4. Glasgow
  5. Edinburgh
  6. UCL
  7. Imperial College
  8. Nottingham
  9. Queen's University Belfast
  10. Birmingham
  11. Leeds
  12. Newcastle
  13. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  14. Daresbury Laboratory

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