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A case study using the WWW as the medium for the delivery of learning resources

Appendix D - Further sources of information

The following offers a small selection of the wide range sources of information and resources related to the use of the WWW in learning and teaching.

An online course

An online course of instruction on using the Internet

A selection of TLTP Projects using the Web


STILE is creating an ever-growing resource base of learning materials that are available to students over the World Wide Web. These materials include images, texts, bibliographies etc.


A number for applications which can be run standalone or integrated into the Web when the simulation appearance and state can be tailored to suit different levels of expertise.


Some of the Bionet Courseware is Web based. This site offers some examples of how it is possible to implement highly interactive learning resources as WWW services.


A programme which involves students undergoing surgical training in a collaborative programme using interactive video teaching and learning techniques over the new high speed data network SuperJANET

Other resources

New Tools for Teaching: J.J. O'Donnell

This page leads to others that introduce, describe, and exemplify new Internet-based resources for teaching that are already available and in the main astonishingly easy to use. It discusses all the issues and the technologies, and gives pointers to other sources of advice.

Using the Nets for Learning and Teaching

These links were created by Terry Anderson to provide pointers to, and examples of educational applications on the Net.

Using the Internet for Teaching and Learning

A Web based staff development course on using the Web. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the way that the Internet may be used in teaching, learning and assessement. The aim is help you decide whether you want to make use of the Internet in your teaching and how you can go about it.

Conferencing on the Web

This is a chapter from the book “World Wide Web Unleashed”. It describes various Web based conferencing systems.

Instructional Design in Computer Conferencing

A discussion of various ways of making use of Conferencing in your teaching.


The W3Lessonware project will produce an integrated suite of tools to enable the visual authoring of HTML+ documents specifically geared towards educational use on the world wide web (W3).

Question Mark Web

Using QM Web in conjunction with Question Mark Designer for Windows, universities, companies and other organisations can set up tests, assessments, surveys and questionnaires on the Web

TML: Tutorial Mark-up Language

A system which has been written to allow delivery of tutorial question and answer type material over the WWW. This system is based on a file format called the ‘Tutorial Markup Language’ or TML for short


The system provides a 100% point-and-click GUI interface MCQ delivered through any frame-compliant Web browser
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