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HTML Tools

A-G, H, I-T, U-W
Name Platform Cost Available from
Aardvark Pro Windows free Functional Business Systems of Australia
Almost Reality Windows free Peter T. Dixon
Alpha Text Editor Macintosh $25 Pete Keleher
Amaya Unix, Windows free INRIA
Ant (Word 6) Macintosh, Windows $39
Arachnid Macintosh free? University of Iowa
Arachnid Windows £5
Aspire Windows 95 £8
asWedit Unix free/$149 AdvaSoft
BBEdit Macintosh free/$69 BareBones Software
BBEdit HTML extensions Macintosh free Carles Bellver
BBEdit HTML Tools Macintosh free Lindsay Davies
BeyondPress (Quark) Macintosh $595 Astrobyte
CMed Windows 95 $25
Collect HTML (Quark) Macintosh $550 XPress ftp archive
CU_HTML.DOT (Word) Windows free Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dave (PageMaker) Macintosh free Bucknell University
Dida Windows free WebWrights
FrameGang (frames) Windows 95 $50 Sausage Software
GNNpress Macintosh, SunOS, Windows free GNN
GT_HTML.DOT (Word 6) Macintosh, Windows free Georgia Tech Research Institute

Name Platform Cost Available from
Harlequin Webmaker (FrameMaker 4 & 5) Macintosh, Unix, Windows $99 Harlequin Group Limited
Hotdog Windows $29.95 Sausage Software
Hotdog Pro Windows $79.95 Sausage Software
Hotmetal 2 Macintosh, Unix, Windows free/$195 SoftQuad
HiTMeLite Macintosh $5 info-mac archives
HTMgen32 Windows 95 free
HTML Assistant Windows free/$99 Brooklyn North Software Works
HTML Author (Word 6) Windows £28 Dr Grahame S Cooper
HTML Builder Windows $29 FLFSoft
HTML Easy! Pro Windows $59 Basic Concept Studio
HTML Ed Windows $39 Internet Software Technologies
HTML Ed Pro Windows $69.95 Internet Software Technologies
HTML Editor Macintosh $25.00 HTML Editor home page
HTML Editor Windows free HTML Editor's Information page
HTML Grinder Macintosh $35 Matterform Media.
HTML Handler Windows free Jonathan Reinberg
HTML HyperEdit (Word) Windows free A HREF=" me.html">HTML HyperEdit Home Page
HTML Markup (text) Macintosh $20 info-mac archives
HTML Pro Macintosh $5 A HREF=" 108.hqx">info-mac archives
HTML Sketcher Macintosh free umich archives
HTML TableTool Macintosh free A HREF=" ww/">umich archives
HTML Web Weaver Macintosh $14 info-mac archives
HTML Writer Windows free HTML Writer Home Page
HTML XPort (Quark) Macintosh $30 Info-mac archives
HTML.edit Macintosh free info-mac archives
Hypertext Master Windows free MJT Design, Anarchy Software

Name Platform Cost Available from
Incontext Spider Windows $99 InContext
Internet Assistant Macintosh, Windows free Microsoft
LaTeX2HTML Unix free A HREF=" tml.html">Nikos Drakos
Live Markup Pro Windows $29 MySoftware Company
MatHTML Windows 95 free MatHTML Home Page
Navigator Atlas Gold Powermac, Windows 95 free A HREF=" ">Netscape Communications Corporation
Nerdedit Windows ? Nerdedit Home Page
PageMaker 6 Macintosh, Windows £390 Adobe
Pagemaker WebSucker Macintosh free Mitch Cohen
PageMill Macintosh £70 Adobe
PageSpinner Macintosh $25 A HREF=" ner-104.hqx">info-mac archives
Quark to HTML DOS, Macintosh, Unix free Jeremy Hylton
S H E Macintosh free Eric Morgan
TableCloth Macintosh free info-mac archives
TableMaker Macintosh $5 info-mac archives
Tapestry Macintosh $69/$39 Concept 1 Communications Inc.
Text to Table Macintosh free info-mac archives
Text to HTML Unix free
TextToHTML Macintosh free info-mac archives
tkHTML Unix free Liem Bahneman

Name Platform Cost Available from
Web Ed Windows $25 Aus Kevin Read
Web Edit Windows £26 Nesbitt Software
Web Media Publisher Windows 95 $30 Web Media Inc.
Web Page Knitter Macintosh $20
Web Publisher Windows $495 SkiSoft
Web Weaver Windows $12 McWeb Software
WebAuthor (Word 6) Windows $69.95 Quarterdeck
Webber Windows $30 Cerebral Systems Development Corp.
WebElite Windows $29.95 WebElite Download Page
Webmania Windows $34.95 Q&D Software Development
Webmate Windows 95 free LeBron II Software
WebPen Windows $19 Informatik Inc.
Webpresence Macintosh $20 info-mac archives
WebThing Windows 95 free WebThing Home Page
Webwizard Windows free ARTA Software
WordPerfect Internet Publisher Windows free Novell
World Wide Web Weaver Macintosh $30 Miracle Software
WorldDoc Windows $49 Software Products International

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