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Case Studies of Visualization in the Social Sciences

Edited by
David Unwin
Peter Fisher


Case Studies of Visualization in the Social Sciences: An Introduction David Unwin & Peter Fisher
The Visualization of Area-based Spatial Data Stephen Wise, Robert Haining & Paola Signoretta
Maps of the Census: a rough guide Jason Dykes & David Unwin
An Investigation of Methods for Visualising Highly Multivariate Datasets C. Brunsdon, A. S. Fotheringham & M. E. Charlton
Visualisation of historical events using Lexis pencils Brian Francis and John Pritchard
Mapping the Life Course: Visualising Migrations, Transitions & Trajectories Humphrey Southall & Ben White
The Application of Digital Photogrammetric Techniques and Aerial Photography to the Preservation of Archaeological Detail: Case Study: The Copney Stone Circle Complex, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland. Paul F. Carey, Stephen Trew & John Meneely
Visual Communication in Urban Planning and Urban Design Andy Smith, Martin Dodge and Simon Doyle
Multi-User Virtual Reality Technology as a Laboratory for Learning about Social Research: Issues and Prospects Ralph Schroeder & Ray Lee
Review of graphical environments on the World Wide Web as a means of widening public participation in social science research Steve Carver, Richard Kingston & Ian Turton
Conclusions: What has this collection illustrated? Peter Fisher & David Unwin

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