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Review of Visualisation Systems

10.1 Conclusions

We set out to review a number of visualization software packages that are available for use in the UK higher education community. We also required that the software we reviewed met certain minimal requirements - which we described in Chapter 1: Overview.

Conventionally, the conclusions would be our summing up of the comparative performance of the systems. In this report, we have taken a different approach. Following the basic factual information in chapters 2 to 8, we have made a detailed SWOT study, in Chapter 9, which in effect stand as our conclusions.

One could make an overall general comment, that, since AGOCG published the previous visualization software evaluation, the visualization software on the market has been comparatively stable - the changes have taken place in the companies, but not the products.

We offer this report in the hope that it may be useful to potential users deciding what to buy and to new users trying to put their chosen system in context.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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