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4.1 Organisations

UEC SERC Visualization Community Club

The role of the Visualization Community Club is to help researchers, developers and users interested in visualization by:

The Visualization Group at RAL provides visualization support to SERC-supported engineering researchers in the following ways:

The club's Steering Group forms a regular point of contact between the community and EASE technical staff at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). lt is an essential link between the two, representing the views of the larger user community, and transmitting the results of the programme back to the community.

The Chair of the Visualization Community Club is Dr K W Brodlie (University of Leeds) and the Secretary is Ms J Haswell (RAL).

If you wish to join the Community Club, please obtain a registration fomm from:

and return it to her.


The Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG) is an initiative of the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Councils and the Research Councils. It advises UK Higher Education on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Multimedia.

Activities include:

AGOCG pays particular attention to visualization by funding a Visualization Support Officer, whose aim is to raise the awareness and promote the use of visualization systems in the UK. To meet these goals, a number of activities and events have been organised. Courses and introductory seminars on AVS arc run by the AGOCG Visualization Support Officer.

The AGOCG Visualization Support Officer manages an online mailing system, which is provided to disseminate general information concerning scientific visualization and its associated software products. In order to subscribe to the online mailing service, send to:

the following mail message:

for example:

To ask a question, simply send your message to:

AGOCG issues every two months a newletter called Graphics & Visualization, with news of graphics and visualization in the UK higher education community. It is intended for all graphics users, developers and support staff in the U.K. (before April 1993, AGOCG's newsletter was called 'Graphics Newsletter'). To submit material to the newsletter, please contact the editor Dr Rae Eamshaw at the University of Leeds (


Several packages of software mentioned in this guide arc the subject of deals with suppliers arranged by the Combined Higher Education Software Team (CHEST). CHEST is responsible for negotiating arrangemcnts so that key software becomes widely available throughout a UK university.

CHEST works through a site contact at each institute of higher education, through whom you obtain access to software that is the subject of a CHEST deal. The identity of your local CHEST contact can be found by either contacting your computer centre or by consulting the list of CHEST site contacts on the NISS bulletin board (CALL NISS.BB trom a PAD and consult section D3E). If you have difficully with either of these methods it is possible to contact CHEST directly:

ITTI Training Initiative

The ITTI Training Initiative is producing training materials of interest to the computer graphics and visualization community, namely Computer Graphics and Visualization (from University of Manchester) and X and Motif (from University of Edinburgh). Information on all of the projects can be found on the NISS Bulletin Board section H7.

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