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5.4 AGOCG Technical Reports

[AGOCG 9] "Evaluation of Visualisation Systems", AGOCG Technica1 Report 9

[AGOCG 10] "File Formats for Computer Graphics", L.A.Brankin and A.M.Mumford, AGOCG Technical Report 10

[AGOCG 13] "Review of the PBMPlus Software", P.Herbert, AGOCG Technical Report 13

[AGOCG 14] "Review of the San Diego Image File Conversion Tools", N.Bowers, AGOCG Technical Report 14

[AGOCG 17] "Image Processing Software Evaluation Report", AGOCG Technical Report 17

[AGOCG 22] "Report on PC Technical Graphics Packages", UCSG Graphics Working Party, AGOCG Technical Report 22

These reports can be obtained by contacting:


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