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Packages - InterChange

Purpose and General Description

InterChange translates between many different 3D file formats.

Input Formats Accepted

Many are accepted including 3DS, DXF, NFF (Haines), NFF (Sense8), QuickDraw 3D - see the complete table for each platform.

Output Formats Generated

All the formats mentioned above as "input", but also Renderman RIB, Renderware RWS and VRML - see the complete table for each platform.


Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95 and NT) and SGI, on which InterChange handles a few additional formats. A different set is supported on the Amiga.


Fuller description including a complete set of formats imported and exported.

Supplier and Cost

This is a commercial product from Viewpoint .

Information last updated on 2 December 1997.

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