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7. Further Information

7.1 Internet Resources

The VRML Repository at the San Diego Supercomputer Centre maintains an up-to-date list of most VRML software and resources.

VRMLworks provides useful information on a wide range of VRML topics.

The principal USENET newsgroup for discussions on VRML is comp.lang.vrml.
The Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) list for this newsgroup is located at

The VRML Consortium's site contains official VRML information

Latest VRML news can be found at the Mining Co. VRML site

Networked Virtual Reality Resource Centre for Arts and Design at the University of Teesside,

7.2 Books

VRML 2.0 Sourcebook (2nd Edition)
Andrea Ames, David Nadeau, John Moreland
John Wiley & Sons, 1997
ISBN 0-471-16507-7

The Annotated VRML 2.0 Reference Manual
Rikk Carey, Gavin Bell
Addison-Wesley Developers Press, 1997
ISBN 0-201-41974-2
This book can also be viewed online at

VRML 2.0 Handbook: Building Moving Worlds on the Web
Jed Hartman, Josie Wernecke
Addison-Wesley, 1996
ISBN 0-201-47944-3

Java for 3D and VRML Worlds
Roger Lea, Kouichi Matsuda, Ken Miyashita
New Riders Publishing, 1996
ISBN 1562056891

Teach Yourself VRML 2 in 21 days
Chris Marrin, Bruce Campbell Publishing, 1997
ISBN 1-57521-193-9

Late Night VRML 2.0 with Java
Bernie Roehl, Justin Couch et al.
Macmillan Computer Publishing, 1997
ISBN 1562765043

VRML Clearly Explained (2nd Edition)
John Vacca
AP Professional, 1998
ISBN 0-12-710008-3

7.3 SIMA Publications

The Virtual Reality Modelling Language in Art and Design Higher Education,
Neil Ashdown, SIMA Report No 17, Feb 1996

The DESIGN of Virtual Environments with Particular Reference to VRML,
Stephen Boyd Davis, SIMA Report No 27, June 1996

Briefing Report: An Introduction to VRML,
Sue Cunningham, May 1997


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