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2. Software Selection

2.1 Testing Platform

All the modelling applications were tested on a single platform:

This single platform was chosen as it was considered to be a fairly typical (or a least not unusual) configuration in the Higher Education sector.

2.2 Selection Procedure

The first step was to identify the software to be evaluated. To be selected, an application had to satisfy four main requirements:

Seventeen VRML modelling applications were initially identified, using information provided at SDSC VRML Repository ( However, not all of these packages satisfied the conditions described above. For example, some were only VRML 1.0 compliant, while others just had VRML output capabilities. So, following further investigation, this list was reduced to six. The packages chosen for evaluation were:

Caligari TrueSpace 3.0
Ligos V-Realm Builder 2.0
Paragraph Internet Space Builder 2.1
Platinum VRCreator 2.0
Rendersoft VRML Editor 1.3
Sculptware LLC Site Sculptor 1.0


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