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Professor Mike Batty, University College London,


Jackie Carter, University of Manchester,


Steve Carver, Leeds University,


Andy Clayden, Sheffield University,


Martin Dodge, University College London,


Simon Doyle, University College London,


Brian Francis, Lancaster University,


Graham Gibbs, Huddersfield University,


Professor Bill Hillier, University College London,


Dr Beverley Holbrook, University of Wales Cardiff,


Dr Robert Inder, University of Edinburgh,


Dr Bin Jiang, University College London,


Jingsheng Ma, University of Sheffield,


James Macgill, Leeds University,


Dr Anne Mumford, Loughborough University,


Leonardo Oliveira, Salford University,


Ifan Shepherd, Middlesex University,


Andy Smith, University College London,


Humphrey Southall, Queen Mary & Westfield College,


Professor Dave Unwin, Birkbeck College,


Dr Graham Upton, Essex University,


Dr Chris Webster, University of Wales Cardiff,


Ben White, Queen Mary & Westfield College,


Dr Steve Wise, Sheffield University,


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