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Multimedia Formats - Presentations

Aims of the Workshop

Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications

What are the issues?

User Needs

Proprietary vs Standard Formats

Framework and Content Standards

Image Formats

  • Uniform Access to (Remote) Image Data - Dale Sutcliffe
  • Delivering an Image Archive - Joel Crisp
  • The Virtual Teaching Collection - Lester Thomas
  • Image Formats and Material Science - Kate Crennell
  • The Pilot European Image Processing Archive

    Vector Formats - Alan Francis

    Document Standards

    Conversion Issues and Tools

    Educating Users

    Aims of the Workshop

    The workshop set out with the following aims:

    Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications

    The workshop was held as part of the SIMA project which is designed to dovetail with AGOCG activities.

    As part of its concern to underpin the provision of computer graphics, visualization and multimedia, AGOCG held a workshop in December 1993 to address the issues of "Multimedia in Higher Education: Networking and Portability" the results of which are published as AGOCG Technical Report 24. This workshop tied in with the proposal from AGOCG for the Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications which has now been funded by the JISC New Technologies Initiative. The New Technologies Initiative has funded projects in a range of areas which reflect new areas of technology and their application. The projects are concerned with demonstrating the use of new technology to the higher education community through example, setting up services, training, and dissemination of good practice.

    The main elements of the Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications (SIMA) are:

    It aims to build on the model of AGOCG which will act as a steering group for the initiative. The projects in the first year will implement some of the recommendations of the AGOCG workshop. These recognise that multimedia is a technology which will be vital to many areas in higher education, yet the main developments will be industry-led. In higher education we need to be looking to support people using the new technology and to assist them in setting up an infrastructure with appropriate hardware and software.
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