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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

General Information

Feature Stanford Graphics DeltaGraph Origin Sigmaplot
Version 3.0b 4.04 5.03 4.00
Interface type Win 3.1 Win NT Win NT Win NT
Disk requirements 14+ MB 13+ MB 7+ MB 20 MB
Memory Requirements 4+ MB 8+ MB 16+ MB 24 MB
Batch or script language No Yes Yes No
Reference Manual Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self Teach Manual No No Yes No?
Online Help Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Tutorial Yes No No Yes
Online Demo No No No No
Graph Wizard/Advisor No Yes No Yes
Tooltips No Don't work Yes Yes
Cue Cards No No Yes No

Web Sites Stanford Graphics Deltagraph Origin Origin Sigmaplot

Educational Prices for Deltagraph £500 up front + (£40 rent or £80 purchase) per copy

Sigmaplot £500 up front + (£50 rent or £100 purchase) per copy

Origin 1 to 4 licenses £330 per copy

5 to 9 licenses £290 per copy

10 to 14 licenses £275 per copy

15 to 19 licenses £250 per copy