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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

Text Handling

Feature Stanford Graphics DeltaGraph Origin Sigmaplot
Number of typefaces supplied 2 1 0 0
Greek characters Yes Windows Yes Windows
Scientific symbols Yes Windows Windows Windows
Subscripts and Superscripts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Date/Time No Yes Yes Yes
Equation Editor No Yes No No
Text entry options        
Text editor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Word-wrap Yes Yes No No
Shrink text to fit box No No No No
Text alignment options        
Align text Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indent text Yes Yes No No
Justify text Yes Yes No Yes
Rotate text Yes 90/180… 45/90….. Yes
Kerning control No No No No
Leading control No No No No
Word charts        
Formatted lists Yes Yes No No
Outline View Yes Yes No No
Multicolumn tables Yes Yes No No
Spell-checker No No No No
Slide Facilities        
Preview show Yes Yes No No
Transition/Build Yes Yes No No
Manual/Timed Advance Manual Yes No No
Templates/Stylesheets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create/Save own stylesheets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clipart Library Limited Limited No No