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Kingfisher (Macintosh)

Kingfisher (composite) Kingfisher (RGB) Note: The Kingfisher card was purchased at the same time as the Apple Macintosh and was installed by the suppliers


Graphics Unlimited


Full length Nubus card


Two multifunction 9 pin D-sub sockets: 1 input, 1 output (not labelled) These sockets are very versatile and tables are included in the manual showing the connections for the various functions



Pre-installed (but removal/replacement when checking appearance was very straightforward).


Pre-installed in common with most Mac software, the installation seems to be easy enough.

Capture times

Resolution/depth        capture         save

768x576x24              4s              40s
768x576x8c              4s              16s
768x576x8g              4s              15s


Middle settings for contrast and saturation (64 out of 128) were used, along with brightness (32/128).

At 256 colours the on-screen image appeared slightly granular - possibly due to the type of palette optimisation/reduction.

Images were grabbed from both composite and RGB sources.

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